Who am I and what am I doing here?

I know there are so many people eager to hear about the life of a middle class, 21 year old white girl struggling with college, struggling with the patriarchy, with dating, chewing with her mouth closed, and basically getting by without much personal injury.

I’m Keke and I am perpetually broke, single, and angry. A lot of shitty things happen to me and my only gift is the ability to find the humor in it and write about it on the internet.

More things about me:

I’m a Scorpio, and that has a big influence on me

I have a yellow lab named Gertrude who is a total shit of a dog

I love Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and Doctor Who. Also, Parks and Rec, The Office, Greek, and a lot of other shows.

I will listen to any kind of music because I have no actual tastes. I really do like Simon and Garfunkel though and also angry girl music. Also Elton John, and Marina and the Diamonds. And Johnny Cash

I don’t have a lot of patience

My biggest struggles are finding dates for sorority formal, finding jobs, and trying to find places to live

I am a Communications major and I love talking to people more than anything

I am a feminist and I try really hard to educate people on the importance of equality

I’m extremely ambitious but have no motivation

I have a mom, two brothers and a sister

I super want to live in a Hobbit hole or a castle. Either one.

I don’t believe in the gender binary and I think that sexuality is more of a spectrum than a choice

I’m independent

I care about a lot of things

I think cheerful and happy are two completely different things

I know way too many stupid jokes

No one can convince me I’m not beautiful.

This is a picture of me pretending to be a walrus: