We all get smarter everyday with our experiences and it’s important to share what we know, you know?

This is a friendly list of tips and suggestions are always welcome!
-If you save your Slurpee cup from 7-11, you can refill it for like a dolla.
-This also works at Starbucks but it’s a black coffee refill for 50 cents.
-If you’re petty like me and want to find out who deletes you on facebook, the best way to do it is to go to a status or picture with a lot of likes, to a popular group page, or to a mutual friend’s page and to scroll to the bottom to see anyone with an “add friend” next to their name who was your friend before.
-Also if someone unfollowed you on twitter and you were a mutual follow, you can look at who you follow and from there see who follows you. Pettiness is a way of life.
-Fabric glue will fix all rips in seams and stuff so you can make your clothes last longer.
-Everyone likes the person who offers them some gum