Summer Update Pt II

Summer is more than halfway through and I feel like it’s been very okay. Okay plus, actually. I think working only three days a week is the best thing for me, even if it’s completely unsustainable. Today I spent an hour and a half in the gym, most of it was just chilling because I had nothing else to do!

My side hustle of writing blog posts for random clients has been working out -more or less-. It’s not ideal, but it’s better than trying to deal with a traditional hourly job or God forbid going back to Starbucks. I have an interview with a part time position that I might be able to swing during the school year so we will see how that goes.

My internship is fine. I don’t want to talk about it so publicly until I’m done and able to summarize the whole experience. I did get to shadow some town employees during mosquito (aka bloodsluts) abatement (aka Skeet Shooting as I kept calling it) and on Wednesday I’m going on a police ridealong and then shadowing on investigations. I LOVE CRIME* so I am the most excited for this week.

At the beginning of the summer, I made a few goals for myself on my Summer Bucket List. Of the list, I’ve accomplished a few. I have launched a podcast (it’s called The World As We Know It the blog is a mess but our recordings are really good please check it out and tell you friends. rate us 5 stars and write a review and we will tell you how hot you are,) l have become a regular at this French restaurant in town, and have an 80% success rate on my goal of going on one date per week (like, it averages out to .8 for the whole summer). Wish I was drinking more margaritas, I don’t know how popular of an intern I am, and have barely looked at Twilight Princess.

I miss my friends from school a lot. I still wish I had tried to go somewhere else for my internship but the more I think about it, it really wouldn’t make that much financial sense or difference for what I want to do.

The other big thing I’ve been focusing on is changing my use of social media. I unfollowed all tag accounts on Facebook and Insta, as well as most celebrities and business pages. I’ve been focusing on using it for its original purpose- to stay in contact with friends and see what they’re up to. I’m tired of seeing the news and 87 identical opinions about the latest tragedy. I can get my news from news sources, and I feel that seeing everyone’s reactions is more performative than substantive.

Obv, I value my friends’ opinions but I think that if they wanted to talk to me about something they would talk to me and not just rely on me seeing a tweet about it to know how they felt. With that, I don’t think it’s positive for me to see all the negative all the time. I like to use my SM for jokes and sharing photos primarily but I will easily fall into traps and get emotionally invested in things that ultimately have no effect.

In sum, I am going to try and use SM as an enhancement of 90’s living. Like focus mainly on what’s happening around me but use it as a communication tool to check in with my friends who live far away and as a place for my funny jokes and pictures and to promote my podcast. Keep it separate from my news and business.

Am most excited for everyone to come back next month. Everything will be busy again and the streets will be a shit show but it’ll be like normal. Am very curious what the first years in my program will be like and I fully intend on enjoying what will definitely be my last year of school ever. Not gonna hold back (as if I was ever holding back before.)

Enjoy my selfies that I have to post as clickbait so people will actually read this and also






*I love people who work to solve crimes, not criminals themselves

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    1. Gertie is a hairy girl who doesn’t like to be brushed and who spends half her time napping in the sunshine and the other half cooling down in the air conditioning


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