Roommate Problems/What I’m Doing Right Now/ Question Answered/ I’m so stupid!

First of all, I am crazy hungry right now. It’s the empty and angry hungry that never goes away.

Secondly, I hate all of my roommates except one. One of them keeps leaving these passive aggressive notes everywhere and that irritates the shit out of me because it says 2 things; that you don’t respect me enough to just make a request or talk to me about a problem and that you are an insecure person who would rather hide behind little notes than deal with conflict. Grow the fuck up. I realize that writing a blog post about it is also very passive aggressive, but I have my own demons. Also, lately she’s been putting Gertie’s food on top of the counter when her dog comes down to eat but she doesn’t put it back. Gertie is still asleep when I leave in the morning so I leave the food in her dish and she eats it when she’s ready. When I got home today her dish was still full, meaning that Trudy hadn’t eaten anything all day. I sent my roommate a text about it and got no response. IS IT REALLY THAT FUCKING HARD? I’m not even asking you to feed her, I’m asking you to STOP PREVENTING HER FROM EATING. Also, she has this terrible fucking dog that she refuses to train. I don’t blame the dog, I blame her but the dog gets into everything, barks and lunges at people, and  tears up my legs when she jumps on me. Also, my roommate refuses to clean up the shit the dog leaves around. And the dog is locked up for 16 hours a day and my roommate doesn’t walk her. She just sits on the porch while the dog pisses and shits in the front lawn (then she doesn’t clean it up.) Also, one of these passive aggressive notes was because I used a plastic cup to move dog food ONCE. And the note basically said to go buy my own cup and to not use her things. I’m sorry, this is a house with 4 people. If there’s not a label on it, I don’t fucking know who it belongs to. If you don’t want people to use your things, label them, keep them in a separate place or whatever. But when they’re out in the open, what the fuck do you expect. It’s so fucking childish too. IT’S A FUCKING PLASTIC CUP.

I’m just so done with her. It’s driving me up a wall.

Also, I’ve been going to the gym erryday at 6:30 am and it’s really helping me shape my day. I feel more focused and motivated. The problem is that I’m focusing on my problems and my motivation is getting more dick, which I probably don’t need right now. I’m also hungry all the time but I can’t afford to eat that much! Also, this football player added me on facebook a couple months ago and I think he is the hottest piece of ass on the planet. The problem is that he’s usually entering the gym as I’m leaving and I have work so I can’t go later. I just want to watch him do squats all the time. I’m doing separate posts about each of my classes. They’re all really different atmospheres and there’s a lot of interesting and funny shit going on. This one guy in my Making of the American Landscape class googles tigers, like, every day. Just google image searches. OF FUCKING TIGERS. I just want to know why!

One time someone asked me why I participated in Ladies Nights at bars if I’m a feminist and desire equality. It’s taken me a while to form my answer eloquently, so here’s basically it.

Ladies nights lure women to bars to attract paying male customers.

Women generally make less than men, so a bar owner could assume that women are less likely to go out and spend their money on drinks. Men seem to go to bars anyway because they got the extra dollas for booze and also the sports and especially potential of picking up chicks and getting laid. But if there aren’t women, men won’t come to the bars and buy drinks.

So I basically think of the free drinks as my payment for being a marketing tool in bar advertisement I guess. I get free drinks in exchange for a market based around getting men laid. If you don’t like it, join the feminist movement to stop companies from sexualizing and objectifying women’s bodies

I am stupid because I agreed to go on a date with this guy from Wyoming. I don’t want to drive two hours to piss shit Wyoming! He’s probably a murderer! So stupid!

this is a selfie:

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