My Internship

I’ve completed three weeks at my internship so far and here are my thoughts.

The Bathroom Situation: There’s nothing wrong with the bathrooms necessarily, except that the water is somewhat rust colored and the soap is seemingly impossible to wash off my hands. The real problems are that there is the most unforgiving lighting and mirror situation I’ve ever encountered. That mirror confirms  every negative thought I’ve ever had about my face. It illuminates everyone of my face hairs, every zit, the yellow spaces between my otherwise white teeth. Also, I drink a gallon of water per day and therefore I’m in the bathroom a lot. It’s killing my self esteem.

My Workspace: The other intern and I work in separate spaces and I occupy the second floor desk. This desk faces a wall and leaves my back to the door and anyone who might come in which makes me VERY ANXIOUS because I can’t see who’s coming in, I can’t tell is someone comes in and is talking to me, and I am paranoid that everyone can see my screen and is monitoring my work (it’s not like I’m doing anything suspicious but I will admit to not working all the time and to frequenting buzzfeed and fitness-related subreddits.) I also share this space with a very chatty admin, which I don’t mind except I never know how to react to what she’s saying or figure out what her points are and also when she’s telling a funny story she repeats the punchline at least 4 times.

The Work: So far my projects have been to summarize survey data and to research some resources that other towns are using to direct businesses towards their economic development coordinators. I’ve not been given any deadlines for these so I have been working on them ~here and there~. I find myself falling into a lot of bad habits that I picked up when I was an admin. I do make up for my worktime laziness by working on them at home when the inspiration to work strikes me.

The Commute: My daily drive is an hour and a half both ways. It’s a real bitch. Am getting a lot of audiobook listening done and I switch to podcasts when I’m burned out on the books. I can also listen to them when I’m working so that’s been a huge plus and I’ll be updating my reading list soon. To be in the office at 8am, I try to be up at 5am, get ready, walk Gertie, and be out the door by 6:30. This has worked half the time and I’m usually no more than 10 minutes late.

The Side Hustle: Since I’m currently only working my internship three days per week and haven’t found a permanent part time job that is hiring right away, I picked up a side gig as a freelance content writer for a company that outsources web content and set up a site so I can walk dogs. We’ll see how long I can sustain this before I absolutely must apply for some minimum wage job somewhere. TBH I like having so many days off but I also like making car payments. BTW happy one year car anniversary to me! A whole year with my little blue.

So that’s me right now. It’s a little lonely in town since there aren’t many people here but I’m making it work. I’m also hitting the gym more often and following a better workout plan, so I have that to keep me busy for a while. Generally, I’m optimistic about my summer.

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