Back To My Own Ones

So it’s been a month since my last post and some things happened. I didn’t really miss anything big in April right? I spent the whole month writing papers and working on presentations but my work paid off of and I finished my semester with straight As. I’m bragging about it a lot now because, as you may remember, I struggled a lot last semester. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten all As in a semester before and until now I’ve been satisfied being a B student. But this felt nice and now I’m unwilling to compromise it.

Right now, I’m at my mom’s house in Green Mountain Falls. Being at home is nice but it’s a challenge. It turns out that when you run away from your problems, it’s a safe bet that your problems will be there when you get back anyway. I also just didn’t have much time here. I am driving back to Bloomington tomorrow and I’m going to try and one-and-done it again which my body won’t like but will be more time efficient by far.

I feel guilty because I don’t think anyone here got the time from me that they deserved. Staying in Green Mountain Falls meant that I was pretty far from all the Denver people, being here mostly during the week meant that I couldn’t see people with jobs.

The good news is that I’m on a steady diet of burritos and margaritas, I did the Incline in an impressive 4 hours (up and down, also that is not actually an impressive time), and I got some vintage dresses. Am including some great dog and mountain pictures below.

Am still looking for a part-time job in Bloomington to supplement my internship. Am looking mostly for on-campus positions because I cannot work in food or retail ever again. Am available Sat-Tuesdays. LMK what you know. Also, my roommate in Bloomington has moved out so if anyone is looking for a place and wants to sublet her room for the summer, I think we’d both appreciate it.

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