Chubby But Otherwise Conventionally Attractive Woman Seeks Summer Employment

Hi everyone

Spring break was fine. I stayed in Bloomington for most of it and spent a lot of time in working on homework (although I didn’t actually get much work done) and used some time to get back into my hobbies. I watercolored, I figured out how to make macaron, I read some books, watched tv. It wasn’t a bad way to spend break but I did wish that I had tried to go somewhere interesting. My goal is to better budgeting and financial planning so that I an go abroad next year for my actual final spring break. I did go to Chicago with Hannah for St Patrick’s Day weekend and it was, to say the least, a worthwhile time.

A small note about Hannah: She is the world’s purest heart and a treasure to me. I have also never met a woman who farts so much with so little shame. Another small note about Hannah: She is my best friend and I trust her unquestioningly. 

A small note about Lauren: Love her too but she wasn’t there, so… 

Now that Spring Break is over it is all business until the end of the semester and it will eff me up royally. Deadlines every week, nonstop thrill ride. In addition to my coursework, I am now officially in panic mode about getting a summer internship. I have a phone interview scheduled for Monday but it’s the only one I’ve heard back from out of dozens of applications. I’m going to keep applying and networking and something will probably work out but not knowing what I’m going to be doing is terrifying me.

I also know that even with an internship, I’ll probably have to work more than full time to afford my bills over the summer months so I’m looking for summer employment in Bloomington so if anyone has any leads, referrals or suggestions, please send them my way.

I probably won’t be writing that much between now and summer break but I’ll still update my book list and little updates as they come up.

Peace and Blessings,

Here are some pictures of my spring break:

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