Quick Life Update

I realized today that the last real post from me was from last December so I wanted to publish a quick note on the end of 2017 and January.

I left Colorado on the 29th so I’d have a some alone time before school started. I love alone time. I didn’t have any responsibilities or obligations so I just lived aimlessly for a week. I played a lot of Mario. Mario in all forms. I also made limited progress in Twilight Princess (a game I started around the same time I started this blog if that puts it into perspective) and quickly became frustrated. I am now in the Lakebed Temple and I can’t find the goddamn key to get past the revolving staircase room so I gave up again. Will revisit in 2019. I also picked up watercolor painting and I enjoy it. I’ve putzed around with acrylics for years so it’s been fun to do something different. Am still limited to flowers and Gerties but maybe someday I can learn something different.

My semester started strong. I got really into setting up my OneNote for the semester and now I think I could probably make a career out of setting up OneNotes. I felt really great about the first couple weeks; I was staying on top of the readings and participating but now that I’m well into the semester my work ethic has slipped a little bit. Is okay, will get better. Work harder, do better.

My New Years resolution this year was to develop my poise and to try to live elegantly. I was doing really well and felt great until school started and I defaulted into being uncultured swine again; however, my posture is better, my apartment is cleaner and more tastefully decorated, I no longer eat my meals standing up or in front of a screen, and I don’t wear my jammie jams when I am not sleeping. I also read The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo and DO RECOMMEND. It’s the same one Emily Gilmore read in A Year in the Life and it helped me to throw out or donate 3 trash bags of stuff. My work isn’t done, but I feel so much more joy when I come home to my apartment. I didn’t realize what kind of toll that stuff was taking on me. Like, there was always some small degree of guilt I had when I saw my unpacked boxes or a shirt I never wore and when they were gone I felt physically lighter.

The purging process is ongoing but I’m trying to stay on top of it. I need to get through my shame-closet, the closet in which I keep the things that bring me shame. Not that they’re embarrassing, it’s just a big mess of belongings that don’t have a spot so I hide them.

In other news, I got a new pair of sneakers as a treat to myself and also upgraded my phone because I got really tired of the blurry pictures and the slowness. I hate that I did it and gave into the machine but also I’m happy to have a phone that works. Also when I got it I blindly trusted that my contacts all transferred but then found out later that I lost all contacts made after June 2017. Love that, because every time I get a text from an unfamiliar number I try to reply with vague responses until I get enough clues to figure out who it is. I love a good mystery!

In terms of mental health, I’m proud to say I’m still sitting at the stable table. I felt the familiar ghosts of anxiety and depression around the start of the year but I’m fortunate to have a great network of friends and resources to keep me out of the big d-hole.*

Anyway, thanks for reading! I’ll keep updating whenever I’m inspired to do so. Also, thanks to everyone who comments and sends emails. Baby love that correspondence.

Stay Golden

Enjoy those selfies from the past couple months


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