Colorado 6, Indiana 8

So I am almost totally moved into my apartment in Indiana. I still have quite a few boxes to unpack but things are coming together pretty well.

I got a host job in a restaurant and had my first day this evening.  I liked working in the Tavern before I had a mental breakdown, fell into a deep depression, and had multiple suicide attempts so I think I could do it again. And this time no one can work there under 21 so I am working with other professional adults and not high schoolers. I accepted the job on the understanding that I can move to a serving position in 2 months. Otherwise I can make the same or better money at Starbucks with consistent hours and tips.

Since my brother left I feel like I am truly alone in my new place and it feels weird and sad.

Me start math camp on Monday, excited to be in a class and meet people around here.

Very distract right now. Me write more when me more to say.

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