Colorado Bucket List

Although I’m not sure exactly when I’ll be leaving until I figure out my living situation in Indiana, I’m still going to be out of this state in less than 100 days. In my last <100 days, I hope to accomplish way more than our president did in his first 100 days, including:

-Getting in the top 3 at trivia. Just once.

-Go up to Estes Park and hike a trail in RMNP

-Goodbye visit to Casa Bonita

-See the Garden of the Gods

-Eat at Cafe Mex at least three more times

– Hike Pike’s Peak and the Incline

-Get hot so that people underestimate me in grad school and I can prove them wrong Elle Woods style

– Go to Water World OR Elitch’s but not both because that’s far too much excitement for me

-Tekekela Day Party

-Do a fun 5k


And that’s about it. It’s kind of a short list, but I’m also crazy busy all the time and I probably won’t get to half of them anyway.

Right now I’m working on buying a house in Indiana since it’ll be cheaper than renting and I’ll be able to turn a profit if I have tenants. I will also not have to deal with a landlord and I will get to be picky about who I live with. Speaking of, my roommate shorted me again on the rent this month. She said she couldn’t find the bill and guessed, although the bill was right next to where she left the check. Then she said she couldn’t open it because opening someone else’s mail is a felony. I said “That’s true MJ. It certainly is a felony and that is why the bill was out of the envelope and placed for display on the counter.” Then I asked why, if she couldn’t locate the bill despite it’s location on the counter, she would not ask me where the bill was or what she owed rather than guess how much she should pay. To that, I received no response. Fortunately, this was the second to last check to be paid to me. I’m hoping to sneaky move out a few weeks early so I can avoid any last words with her. I kind of want to leave her a letter, but probably unwise to leave a paper trail.

Also, I have recently learned that she is a furry. If you don’t know what that is do not look it up.  I try to avoid shaming people for their interests, but furries are something that make me poop backwards. I have no desire to understand it further than I already do.


Also, since having the Overdrive app and being able to rent audiobooks from the library I am becoming the well-read person I’ve always wanted to be. My apartment is very dark and reading at home has been a challenge but now I can listen to books nonstop at work, the gym, when I’m driving, at the puppy park, wherever.

These are the books I’ve read so far:
-Clash of Kings (ASOIAF)
-Storm of Swords (ASOIAF)
-A Feast for Crows (ASOIAF)
-A Dance with Dragons, reading now (ASOIAF)
-Bossypants, Tina Fey
-The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo, Amy Schumer
-Homeward Bound (The Life of Paul Simon), Peter Ames Carlin
-Hamilton (the Revolution), Lin-Manuel Miranda
-Go Set A Watchman, Harper Lee
-Gone Girl, Gillian Flynn
-Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me, Mindy Kaling
-Wild, Cheryl Strayed
-The Art of War, Sun-Tzu
-Yes Please, Amy Poehler
-Alexander Hamilton, Ron Chernow

That’s in the past 4 weeks. Right now I’m alternating between ADWD and Hag-Seed, an adaptation of The Tempest by Margaret Atwood. I also have 6 more books in my queue that I hope to finish in the next two weeks because I’ms a freak. I’m trying to balance between books for entertainment and books for education. Sometimes there’s overlap, but I try not to lose focus on the education books which makes them harder to listen to at work.

Also, I am now living a life of low carbs, low sugar, and low sodium and I wonder what I did to hate myself so much. But it’s all a part of my Elle Woods plan. What I’m having the hardest time with is snacking because I love snacking and when I get home from work I go nucking futs and start grabbing food by the handful without any consideration and then I crash land into shame and self loathing.


Anyway, if anyone cares to do any bucket list things with me, hmu. If anyone has any book suggestions to help build my mind, lmk. If anyone wants to share vegan/vegetarian low carb choices, share with me. If you’ve been harboring love feelings for me and need to get them out to see if you ever had a chance, now’s the time.

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