7 Things to Know Before Loving a Woman Who’s Also A Lizard Person

She has cold blood, but a warm heart

  • A Lizard Woman’s blood temperature varies as much as her temperament. But while Image result for avril lavigneher fleshy prison may be cold as ice, the fire that burns within her heart keeps her from slipping into hibernation. She loves simple things like basking in the sun- to regulate her internal temp and spend time with her loved ones. To love her is to accept her cold, clammy hands and to feel at home in her heart.

She feels that she’s always wearing a different skin

  • A Lizard Woman never feels completely comfortable in her own skin- which is why she sheds frequently. She steps into a new skin every few weeks and easily moves from one to another without much of a second thought. To love her is to love her with every change she experiences.

She’s a self-sacrificer

  • A Lizard Woman holds on tightly, and lets go lightly. She’ll cut and run if she has to- literally because she will cut off a limb if it’s holding her back because she’ll be able to grow a new one. A Lizard Woman protects herself, even at her own expense. To love her is to protect her and help her regenerate. lizard girl

She’s adaptable

  • She’s able to live in many different environments, provided she is given necessary resources. When a Lizard Woman loves you, she’ll follow you to every continent on the globe with the exception of Antartica. Although a Lizard Woman craves the sun, she can settle for heat lamp. She’s resiliant to a fault and even in extreme conditions, she’ll fight to adapt and survive. To love her is to love her independence.

She has a huge appetite

  • A Lizard Woman has a huge appetite for food and for live. She’s a capricious consumer, often eating whatever she can scavenge, including plants and bugs. She uses the same approach to life- always eager to try new things and live her life to the fullest. She never turns down an opportunity to challenge herself. To love her is to challenge her appetites.

She’s wild at heart

  • Never mistake a Lizard Woman’s calm restraint for domestication. A relationship with her is based on mutual benefits- there is no master/pet dynamic. She will trust you to provide for her, and you must trust her to never turn on you. When a Lizard Woman loses touch with her wild instincts, she is lost and will act out in violent ways. To love her is to accept her freedom.

One day she’ll ask you a very difficult question

  • A Lizard Woman lives a double life- her life on the surface in the human world and her life underground with the other Lizard People. One day, they will rise and you must chose to stand with humanity to to offer yourself as slave to our new Lizard Overlords. Your Lizard Woman will ask you to stay with her as her sex slave, at that time you must chose between a life of enslavement or being ripped apart by her lizard claws. To love her is to make the right choice for your relationship.







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