What’s New With Me/Reasons Why I Cried This Week

I haven’t posted anything in 2 weeks so it seemed like time for a short update.

I’m still at my newer job and I have a better understanding of what I’m doing.

I just finished my latest (and hopefully final) draft of my personal statement and I hope to start applying to grad schools next month. I might take the GRE again but I don’t know. I have way less free time now that I’m employed, so studying is much harder.

I haven’t used my trashcan in three weeks because of a pettiness stalemate with my roommate. She uses the kitchen trashcan for all of her trash (including bathroom trash), but never buys liners or takes the trash out. The other day she wedged a bag of bathroom trash on the top of the trashcan (that was clearly full) instead of taking it all out. After I took it out, I just didn’t replace the bag and it’s just stood there while I throw away my trash in paper grocery bags. When I was doing my meal prep on Sunday, I watched her bring a bag of trash to the kitchen trashcan to throw it away (still wearing her wizard’s robe), look inside the can and whisper “darn”, and then take the trash back into her room. Just 6 more months until the lease is up.


List of things I cried about about over the past seven days:

-Ellen interview with the guys from A Basin

-Ellen interview with Closet Mom

-I saw Gertie napping on my bed

-The inauguration

-Looked at my car

-The graduation episode of Gilmore Girls and the review episode of Gilmore Guys

-Stress from grad school apps

-Saw old man at Costco

-Hurt my knee

-Called my mom

-Frustrated at cereal box

-I read about how Liv Tyler thought Todd Rundgren was her father during her childhood and thought about how that relationship changed when she found out that Steven Tyler was her biological father.

-The women’s marches

-I feel stupid all the time

-I got smooched by a very big dog

-Dog in general

-I felt guilty about eating too many cookies

-Too crowded at Costco

-Everything is expensive

-My face is fat


Right now I’m at Solid Grounds working on my resume and personal statement because I have an application due on Feb 1 but now I’m second guessing applying to this school because my GPA and resume seem pretty lackluster compared to what they want. Most of the students in this program are coming in from the workforce (rather than from undergrad) and have relevant experience. They expect some degree of relevant experience from undergrads also- if it’s not work experience, they want internships and volunteer work. I don’t have any of that. I’ve been an effing admin assistant for the past year. I feel so inadequate.

Anyway, if you don’t hear from me soon it’s because nothing in my life is worth talking about. Stay golden.





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