A Year in Review/ Best Selfies of 2013/ End of the Year Confessions

Going to start my review by revisiting the resolutions I made last year and seeing how I did:
(Original post can be found here)

  • Continue blinking and breathing. Check
  • Not fail out of college Check
  • Continue basic hygiene Check
  • Not vomit Not check
  • Produce good results with minimal effort 3.08 gpa!
  • Not break any bones Check
  • Watch a movie Super Check
  • Forget how to do something and relearn it. I actually don’t really know.
  • get my heart rate above 190 CHECK!
I’m so proud of myself! 7.5/9
These are my best selfies of 2013:












Once again, I have completed another year without a stupid annoying boyfriend so go me. This year was definitely full of interesting things for my personal life though, which we can get into a little later. I”m really surprised and proud of myself for  keeping up with this blog and getting to 300,000 pageviews which is actually all thanks to you all because I definitely would have given up if no one was reading and I would just journal my feelings like normal people.
I did a lot of personal growth this year. At the beginning of the year my goals were much more focused on short term ideas and I was harboring a lot of aggression from my past that blocked off my future and stuff.
The second half of my sophomore year was an emotional rollercoaster. I had a big problem with some sorority stuff which caused my best friend at the time to turn on me and use what I had confided in her to torment me which was really fucked up. Like, I’ve always had a really hard time letting people get close to me and when I finally did the worst thing that could happen there happened. It was really emotionally damaging so basically from March until May I was really depressed and got back into self-harming and stuff. I think I learned a lot from the whole experience though and it made me stronger and more independent.
Also living alone definitely was a positive for me. It felt really cool to be totally alone as sad as that sounds. It was also extremely stressful, but still cool. Except the no internet thing was a total bummer and the fact that my neighbors were sketch and stuff but whatever. I learned to appreciate myself as company most of all.
This summer was pretty good. Working at IKEA (as many of you know) was definitely an adventure. I don’t know why I thought it would be cool to work with children because I was, am, and always will be terrible with kids because I hate them. It was a huge culture shift for me to work in for a huge company when my previous retail experience was largely small business. I didn’t get close to any of my coworkers and there were hardly any hotties anywhere except the DILFs.
The best part of my summer was definitely going to the gym and hanging out with Maria like, every day. Maria is the kind of person who comes in and out of my life in big chunks of time and then we don’t talk for a while but then we can pick up where we left off, whether it’s several months or even a year apart. I think it’s cool to have that sort of relationship with people. And going to the gym was super cool because I developed this odd balance between feeling really good about myself and hating myself. I used feelings of self loathing (that I didn’t necessarily feel) to motivate myself to work harder. 
This summer was also when I really started to identify myself as a feminist and ally. I took a lot of time to read literature and research and stuff like that so that I could really develop my thoughts and opinions about these things since they really do matter.
Being a Rho Chi was really awesome. I think it rounded my experience as a Greek on campus and let me get closer to women who I wouldn’t normally meet or talk to. It also made me realize how much my chapter means to me and I value them so much more after being disaffiliated for 5 or so months.
I loved my classes this semester and being an official Comm major. I think my favorite class was my Professional Speaking class, not only because of the speaking part (which I was all about) but also because there was a really cool classroom atmosphere because we actually talked to each other AND because that class was chock full of hot ass, including Sammy and myself.
Also Sammy gets her own section because she’s that important. I met Sammy at the beginning of the year in another class and we had a lot of mutual friends and so we knew each other and then this semester we just ended up being best friends somewhere along the line. As stupid and cheesy as it sounds, she helped me learn to trust and open up to people and so far she hasn’t emotionally shat on me so that’s really tight. 
Living with 4 roommates is a definite challenge and I kind of hate it. Not necessarily the people themselves, but dealing with other people in general.


Turning 21 was the highlight of my year/life. The world has opened up to me! 
And I guess the interesting thing about the closing half of my year is that all at once, flocks of men have been showering me with attention and I didn’t see it coming and no one else did either so I don’t know what to do with all the attention I’m getting but I definitely like it.
I guess that’s it basically, as far as my 2013 ride. I don’t remember a lot of it.
  • my number one hobby that I picked up was painting birdhouses
  • At this point, based on my calculations I’ve eaten around 5,000 Tropical Starbursts since June.
  • Except for 2 people, every man I’ve hooked up with, dated, or had a crush on has had a name that begins with a K or hard C. I don’t know why, but I think the sounds attracts me.
  • I did anal and I hated it.
  • I ran a successful porn blog on tumblr for about a week and then got bored and shut it down.
  • I put some salt in my horrible roommate’s sugar.
  • I lost 2 best friends and gained 2 back.
  • I threw up on a penis
  • I got to 21 shots within 24 hours of my birthday
  • I drove without a driver’s license for 7 months.
  • I screwed over my previous landlord but I didn’t like her anyway so idc.
  • Once I chose to watch LOTR instead of go on a date
  • I didn’t blackout from alcohol once this year!
  • Most of my weird stories start with a game of truth or dare
I don’t think I have anymore good ones to share, but those are definitely some gems.
also, the guy who stood me up the other night texted me after saying he was asleep, so I said he should go back to bed because the only way he’d see me is in his dreams and I was so proud of myself but I was also very very drunk at the time.
So I wish everybody a very happy New Year and I’ll be so happy to see you all next year!

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