2014 New Years Resolutions

I don’t believe in making New Years Resolutions actually, because I think that if you want to change your life you should start it when you want it enough to stick to it, not just because you switched calendars. But I like to set some yearly goals for myself just to have something to think about.

As I’ve said before, the key to setting goals is to set your standards really, really low and then you can’t let yourself down as bad. So my resolutions for 2014 are to:

  • Finally see Avatar
  • Run (undetermined distance or amount)
  • Continue not eating meat
  • Go out of state
  • Not fail out of school
  • Eat Tropical Starbursts
  • get to level 500 in Candy Crush Saga
  • Get a tattoo maybe?
  • Maintain at least 2 friendships
Last year I had 9 resolutions so this year I stepped up my game a little bit.
As far as how my New Years went, it was really uncomfortable. I was all geared up to stay in and then my mom really wanted to go to this bar she likes to go to so I dressed up (super cute btw) and made my face look better and we went out with my brothers and then we got there and I had to sit with all my mom’s old people friends and there weren’t any young people around. I probably drank around 5 Malibu Pineapples and this old man bought all the ladies a shot, so I got a lemon drop and then I had a margarita and then my mom’s creepy ex bought me two shots and then my mom and brothers went off to play pool so I was alone with him and he started talking about me getting hit on by the guys in the bar and talking about how beautiful I was and then started talking about my boobs and hips and I was really grossed out and I felt sick so I went over to hang out with my mom and I told her what happened and she yelled him and then we left, went to the liquor store for more booze and went home. We watched The Sixth Sense and went to bed and that was my night.
I looked at my phone this morning to see who  I had texted but alas, drunken Keke had deleted all my texts so I don’t know who I happy new year’d and sent tit pics to but someone definitely got them so if it was you, good for you.
Also, my sweet amiga Olivia has just started blogging so it would be really cool if you all would check her out here!

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