Yeast Queen

That’s one of the worst titles I’ve ever come up with for this blog.

As many of you know, I’ve been trying my hand at making my own breads for a couple months. I’ve been pretty good at doing it completely by hand, but bread making is time and labor intensive and kneading is a bitch and I am forced to acknowledge that I will never be as perfect or efficient as a machine.

My mom bought me (and herself and my sister) bread machines for Christmas and now all I think about is how to utilize it to the best of it’s ability. I made sandwich bread first, and last night I made french bread using the timer feature so that I could wake up to the smell of fresh bread. This is probably¬†definitely going to be an issue in the future. I have gained so much weight since being unemployed and none of it is going anywhere despite my efforts.

So if anyone has any great bread recipes write them in the comments and if anyone would like to buy fresh bread made by me, hit me up.

I can’t wait for this year to be over. Mostly I just want this phase of my life to be over and for shitty things to stop happening. I am still working on my personal statement for my grad school apps and it’s going nowhere because I don’t have any focus. Me just so frustrate. Also my neck and shoulders are always in pain and I have a cough and I’m so uncomfortable.

Also, as of now I have no plans for NYE so if anyone wants to come over tomorrow night and play monopoly while quietly waiting for the year to pass you are cordially invited.








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