I am finishing my first week of my new job. It’s at an engineering company, I’m doing the same job I was doing before, just in a different place. I haven’t really told anyone that I got a new job because I genuinely hate people asking me about “my new job.”

I know it’s usually  coming from a friendly and genuine place and I don’t fault anyone for asking. But I’m literally doing the same thing and I hate doing it anyway. I hate being an administrative assistant. It’s a reminder that I made a huge mistake years ago when I didn’t find an internship and couldn’t secure a position that would set me up for a career instead of a job. And yes, I am working on getting into grad school but that move was inspired by the reality that I have no other options if I want to do something other than make copies. Also, grad school was on my list from the start anyway- I just didn’t think it would be a necessity in getting a start anywhere.

Maybe the problem is the Colorado job market, or maybe it’s me because I’m not daring enough to apply for jobs that I’m unqualified for. But I don’t know what else to do. I have relevant job experience in one area.

I feel like I’m wasting my education. I’m doing work that requires literally no critical thinking and offers no development or opportunity to grow. And it’s not just this place, it’s literally the job. The job does not change.

I also haven’t been talking about it openly because there is a potential that I will not stay here much longer. I had an interview at another company (same job) that is way closer to me, has no dress code, and could potentially pay more. I find out about it next week and I’m super stressed from all the complications and conflicts that could arise. But either way, I have a job now and I don’t care to go more in depth about it.


Also, if anyone loves fixing cars at a low price/ for free, my car is falling apart faster than I can keep up with it. The Check Engine and Track lights are on, the airbag light is blinking, the alignment is way off, and my back tire makes a thudding sound every time I turn my car on. If anyone wants to give me free car advice/ refer me to a reasonable mechanic please let me know posthaste before I die in a car wreck caused by a malfunction.



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