First things first, listen to this on loop while you read this.

Got my period this morning, which might explain some of the more passionate communications I’ve distributed this week. I’m not discrediting myself by saying that or suggesting my arguments are less legitimate and I stand by everything I’ve said. Hormonal fluctuations act as a megaphone for the emotions I’m already having that I’ve been repressing.

Historically, my emotions would have only served to discredit me as a woman in the public sphere. People still cite emotion as the reason women should not be in charge. Society has pushed women out of politics for millennia based on the thought that men are rational and women are irrational, rationality being the concept of thought unaffected by emotion.

Despite the obvious flaws in that logic, emotion is the catalyst of change. Revolutions are born from anger and passion. We need to be able to freely express how we feel for change to happen (actually, this is why some shady businesses don’t allow employees to break together.)

My hormonal fluctuations gift me with boldness and enthusiasm and I am thankful for it.

This is also one of the underlying themes of Legally Blonde. When Elle says she wants to go to law school she’s told she’s not serious enough to be a law student. Elle makes it clear that seriousness is no indicator of intelligence or capability and proved that she can be logical, smart, clever, and creative while still enjoying a full range of emotions. She includes Aristotle’s “Law is Reason free from passion” quote and rebuffs it by explaining that passion is what drives us to success.

I’m an argumentative person. I love debate because it’s the perfect combination of performance, drama, competition, and intellectual challenge.  It feeds directly into my superiority complex, my need for attention, my drive to win, and my fragile ego. That’s also why I never back out of a debate until I’ve convinced myself that I’ve won. I recognize that this mentality can be hurtful to other people but I’m not going to hold myself accountable for their emotions. If you’re hurt because I made you feel stupid or inferior, you should have come up with a better argument. Bring out some facts, cite your sources, get some quotes from people who know better, read a book, think critically. It’s not my fault if you walk into a fire without the proper equipment.

I’ll always apologize when I recognize my mistakes, but I’m over the elementary school mentality of apologizing for hurt feelings. I avoid making personal attacks of any kind but if I slip up I appreciate being called out.

In terms of this election, I’m never going to back down when it comes to defending the right decision for the country. The election has brought out the ugliest side of people- unearthing closeted misogynists and racists, people who are terrified of change and only understand how to hate. They’ve been boiling under the surface and now they’ve become unleashed and their toxic mentality has been encouraged. Fighting back against that mentality will take far longer than the election and a Clinton presidency. I’m going to fight for a more perfect union, where all people are treated equally by the law and by their peers. I’m going to do my damndest to educate as many people about what’s at stake here, I’m going to call out people who are spreading wrong information, and I’m going to keep spreading my feminist, liberal, socialist propaganda wherever I go.

Peace out,



I started writing this last Saturday before I heard the tapes and debate. Now, more than ever, it’s clear that Donald Trump not only an unstable racist misogynist, he’s also a sexual predator. He has threatened to jail Hilary Clinton upon assuming the presidency, which is actually exactly what Hitler and Mussolini did when they came into power, a move that has been condemned by the former Attorney General. He’s announced that he has cut ties with the GOP and it’s leadership. 

Frankly, the worst that could happen under Hillary Clinton is that we have a bad president for 4 years (which I doubt would actually happen based on her policies, but..) We’ve had bad presidents, it hasn’t been the end for us. Personally,  I believe she can make a positive change for our country and build on Obama’s work.

I don’t want to imagine the worst that could happen with President Trump, who has promised to punish those who’ve opposed him and who’s also stated that he would have his cabinet  sign NDAs because he knows he has no control over the shit he says.  I don’t want a president who sits up until 3 am trying to think of something mean to say on Twitter. 





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