Voting Third Party-Colorado

I’m all for voting for third party candidates. With candidates who don’t align with our bipartisan system, you’re likely to find a candidate who better fits your views and a candidate who is less likely to crush under the pressure of their party. That’s great.

Right now,the best way to express yourself as a third party voter is not by voting third party in the Presidential race but by voting for Congressional Representatives and Senators.

If you’re actually looking to affect long term change, you have to think bigger picture. Voting third party in the presidential race will not prove anything to anyone. You might feel great and justified after you vote, but it will be short lived because after 7pm on voting day you will see that your vote made little to no effect and you risk seeing the worst possible candidate as president. The smug satisfaction will not be worth it.

If you’re truly interested in a third party, vote third party on the state level. Having more third party members in Congress and in the Senate will build momentum for the next presidential election and eventually there will be an actual shot at breaking up the bipartisanship and creating actual change.

There is one senatorial position up for election and seven seats for the house.

This is a list of all the third party candidates for the Colorado Elections and a brief summary on what they stand for:

*Keep in mind, I’m only a humble blogger and am not excellent at hiding my biases

Senate Election:

Arn Menconi:  Green Party, Social Justice advocate, anti-war and wants to cut military budget and change middle east policy, all for solar energy and not down for nuclear energy, election reform, aggressive crackdown on corporate crime and welfare, pro-national healthcare

Bill HammonsPart of the Unity Party, advocates for 2nd Amendment, wants to replace Obamacare with simplified Medicare, thinks global warming caused conflict in Syria (actually some interesting ideas there), has plan for all male Syrian refugees 18-48 to be moved to Crete, pro trans bathrooms. (If interested, I suggest going to his platform page for a complete list)

Dan Chapin: Running as Independent, wants to make Election Day a paid holiday, $2,500 state tuition credit for public colleges and universities, stop profit motive for war and establish war tax until the costs of the war are paid including mental/physical health for veterans, immigration reform, also wants to create a federal mass transit project

Don WilloughbyWrite-In, wants to start democratic revolution and take down the 1%, hates lawyers, wants to take down violent video games and pornography (has some harsh words for Bill Gates and Steve Jobs), wants to bring all troops home and stop trying to “rule the world”, backed Bernie Sanders, calls himself Capt’n Don, wants to use military budget to afford national healthcare and bill Canada for the defense America has provided to them.

Lily Williams: Libertarianpro second amendment, wants a limited and constitutional government, free market solutions for healthcare, wants quick and transparent immigration policy, believes government should not restrict personal choices, drug decriminalization, pro strong military

Paul Noel Fiorino: Independent, ran for Mayor of Denver in 2015, ran for governor in 2010 and 2014, calls for election of chief of police and sheriff because the mayor’s office has too much power. There really isn’t a lot of information on him and I could not find his website.


Congressional Election (Remember that Colorado has 7 congressional districts and you can only vote for your own district)

1st District: No 3rd party candidates

2nd District: 

3rd District: No 3rd party candidates

4th District: No 3rd party candidates

5th District: 

  • Mike McRedmond: Liberatarian, no website

6th District: 

  • Robert Lee Worthey: Green Party, pro-choice, believes a nation is for the citizens not the government and the economy should reflect that (no more trickle-down economics), wants to propose a bill to make it a felony for campaigns or candidates to accept funds from any major private company and stop non-profit involvement in elections, cut all congressional and senate salaries in half and save $46 billion dollars (dammnnnn), believes political jobs should have the least job security and should be easily replaced, SUPER PRO CIVIL RIGHTS and supports BLM, GLBTA, the Muslim Community, believes no one should be scared to be alive, openly gay and super passionate about helping people. Pro criminal justice and police reform, environmentalist, wants background checks for guns and to regulate gun distribution. Also wants to stop Colorado rent gouging.*Author note- This is my district and I fully support this man. His website made me cry and from the other websites I’ve seen he’s put a lot more time and effort into it.

7th District

  • Martin Buchanan: Libertarian, seeks peace, balance, and freedom with no bailouts. Wants to work to stop climate change, wants fair taxes and to end needless taxation, pro immigration and really wants to help people, believes it’s our job to foster refugees since it’s pretty much our fault for displacing them in the first place (wham-o), opposes Obamacare but wants medical reform, wants to balance federal budget, wants to amend constitution to limit number of terms for congress and senate.


If you’re serious about supporting a third party, during this election find out which candidate you most closely agree with and compare that candidate’s platform with the major party platforms and cast your vote that way. If you’re still totally opposed to Clinton or that other flaming pile of fermented bullshit, vote the way you think is best. But if you want your votes to actually count, choose a presidential candidate who is most likely to complement your third party so that the change you want actually has a chance of making it.



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