It’s not Starving, it’s Intermittent Fasting

So while I’m waiting for callbacks and interviews, I’m on a pretty tight budget. I still have my office job until my replacement is hired, so I have an income but in order to pay for my rent and bills I’ve had to make some sacrifices. Namely, food.

It’s cool though because I’m way too proud to accept help from anyone (thanks Mom and Dad!) so instead I’ve just decided to make a lifestyle change and only eat in a 4 hour window from 4pm-8pm.

This is actually a totally legitimate thing and there are plenty of resources online for people who are interested in it. I’ve was actually doing it without knowing during my first few weeks in Germany when I was too scared to go to the grocery store so I would just get a kebab once every two days. I was calling it Snake dieting because I ate a lot at once and then willed myself to slowly digest it until it was time to feed again.


So in the few days that I’ve been doing this, these things come to mind:

This is a voluntary choice that I’m making. Yes, I don’t have much cash on hand right now, but that’s mostly because my apartment is too damn expensive and I’m paying off my loans and the combination of those two things literally took up 52% of my income before I quit Starbucks, and after I quit they take up around 78%. What I have is a credit card and I have a car. I can go buy groceries if I want which might sink me deeper in the credit card debt swamp but it’s an option for me.

Families that are living under the poverty line don’t have that option. There’s a whole world of difference in choosing not to eat and actually starving. So this has been a mini privilege check for me. I’m privileged to have the option to eat or not eat when I feel like it.

I read an article on a website that I don’t remember about the privilege of tiny houses; that affluent people who choose tiny house life are making a conscious decision to be minimalist and we congratulate and idolize that lifestyle because it’s far beyond our capitalist dreams of a large house with a manicured yard. There are at least 7 reality shows about it. But there are people who live with less and in smaller spaces, the only difference is that they didn’t have that choice and they live in a tiny space because it’s all they can afford. We don’t make shows about those people because of sad feelings and pity. (ps found the link and it was from, no surprise, buzzfeed)


But aside from all that, I feel like I can really keep up with IF for now. I feel more alert except for the times when my vision gets foggy and not planning breakfast or lunches has been a real time saver. I’m not giving up on meal prep, but it’s going to be a while before I can afford to buy a week’s worth of groceries all at once. There’s a sense of urgency about finding a job immediately and my temp agent is being a little shit, but me no worry. Things will probably work out, and if they don’t I’ll find a solution. I wish I could find a sublet for my apartment, but I don’t think I can get one while I have someone else subletting my second bedroom. If anyone has been in a similar situation please let me know what you did. I would honestly love to move out of state at this point. Change my life, start going by Cat, become a recluse. Those are my #goals.


Also, unsurprisingly, Tinder has been a good resource for networking or finding a job. Will keep at it though, will document the project.



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