I love the Olympics

The 2012 Summer Olympics were happening around the time I started this blog, and we went through the 2014 Winter Olympics, and the 2016 Summer Olympics kicks off tonight.

This is the third time I’ve blogged about the Olympics and I love it so much.. I love the opening ceremony when all the athletes walk out with their teammates and share the communal pride of representing their countries and knowing how hard they’ve worked to get there and how it’s their chance to show literally the world what they’ve worked for.

I cannot watch without crying. I love watching their parents watch them. I like watching their coaches and teammates silently judging their performances and switching between anxiety and relief.

I think it’s cool that they are people that so many of us know to some degree. They come from our hometowns, you might know their parents. You may have never met them, but there’s still a connection.

I cry when I see people trying their hardest at anything, and I cry when people feel proud of themselves. Despite the doping scandals and shady training practices, the Olympics seem so pure because mostly they are people who just worked really really hard.

Also the butts. So many good butts.

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