Things That Are Going Well in My Life vs. Things to Improve On

Things That Are Going Well in My Life vs. Things to Improve On

Things That Are Going Well:
-Have been able to pay my rent every month without much trouble.
-Soon will no longer have to wake up at 3am, and will have a more enjoyable job
-In the process of applying to grad school
-Am gaining more muscle and losing fat
-Met a very small dog today
-Caught a charmander in the wild a few days ago
-I won $40 on a scratch ticket today
-The King Soopers near me if now offering more Kombucha flavors
-Am very regular thanks to meal prep
-My work computer is fixed and no longer has a noisy fan
-I’ve unpacked my last box and am no longer living like a troll
-I followed Wokemon on facebook and it’s everything I hoped for
-Gertie stopped a runaway dog from running farther away today
-Am almost finished with The History of Rome podcast that I’ve been listening to since May
– Am starting to focus on asserting myself so that I’m clearly understood
-Finally bought stamps
-Created a display of my accomplishments in my room (which serves a secondary purpose as personal erotica, because I get turned on when I think of how accomplished I am)
-Returned a dress I purchased online
-Pineapples are 10 for $10
-I’ve started calling all electronic devices robots

Things That Need Work
-Don’t have enough time to seduce my hot boss before I leave
-Also, quitting was probably a bit of a boner shrinker also
-Creepy regular is still creepy, have plans to call him out on the last day
-Have been nauseated for 3 days
-Displeased with my new roommate situation
-Have not yet learned how to play guitar
-Apartment is haunted
-Will be very busy for the next two weeks

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