4 Years of Blogging

Sometime around this week was my 4 year bloggerversary and I totally missed it.

I would say it doesn’t seem like I’ve had this for 4 years, but I won’t since I have a detailed records of every major thing that’s happened, every feeling I’ve had, every opinion, and every passing interest that’s happened in 4 years and it has been busy.

I would have never realized how cyclical my life is- how everything that goes around, comes around, and then goes around again. None of my current thoughts are actually original anymore, but they grow along with me.

One of my first posts was about how much I love cheese flavored snacks. Then this evolved into a sweaty how-to guide on the social situations, then became an amateur guide to watered down white feminism, then a big mix of everything, then a series of thought pieces and essays, then emotional journal, then travel blog, then emotional journal again, and now I write about politics a lot.

I have never cared about keeping consistency, I have always just said what I wanted to say. Maybe that’s why I am not famous yet.

The past year has been bad. Or, the past 10 months have been bad. I’m thankful that you all have stuck with me during the shitty times, and also a huge fuck you to the people who didn’t. Really, go finger yourself with a razor blade. Everyone who is reading this has been helping me. Even if we don’t talk, I appreciate your support so much.

Writing has given me platform to write about what I want, and by doing that I stopped being afraid of my own voice. I’m not afraid to call out dbags, I’m not afraid to tell people what I think. I’m confident in my opinions, and instead of being afraid of an argument I am no longer afraid to ask someone to defend their beliefs the way I defend mine. Explain why you think it’s okay for a cop to shoot someone with a 4 year old in the back seat. Explain why you don’t think Transgender people shouldn’t use a bathroom. Explain yourself.

Full Disclosur: a little sensitive today particularly because some people I thought I was cool with deleted me on SM and I am butthurt. But also, if you don’t like what I’m saying call me out. Tell me I’m an idiot, tell me I don’t understand anything. Rip me a new one, I’d prefer that than slinking away. Silence and apathy do nothing for anyone. Dictators, fascists, and evil people rely on your silence for their power. When you don’t talk about the things that scare you, they win. I will never stop talking about the things I think are wrong, why I believe they’re wrong, and telling other people they are wrong if they think that way. If you don’t say anything to me, you’ve let me win. If I don’t say anything to them, they win. My voice is inconsequential but if it’s the only voice that’s heard it’s the only one that will have impact.

Anyway, thank you all again for 4 great years. Love you all, and you’ll hear from me again soon.

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