Kids These Days

One thing we’re all seeing more and more is middle aged and older people complaining about the state of the country they ruined. They talk about how great America used to be and that we’ve lost that. It’s what Trump’s whole campaign is about and that’s why he’s scooped up all the uneducated white middle aged male voters. That demographic is the loudest when it comes to “America’s Doom”, they tear their clothes and wail and bitch and moan but don’t actually do much other than that.

They’re the loudest because they have the most to lose from a progressive society. The America they’re thinking of is the patriarchal, white supremacist America where only white men could succeed. They want the nuclear family, they want submissive women, strong boys and sweet girls, and they want to go to work every morning and come back to a clean house and dinner on the table. It’s the way their family was when they were growing up and they want it back. When they were kids, they probably had no idea about the rising racial tension that would lead to the Civil Rights Movement. They wouldn’t guess that eventually there would be a movement for women to (start) having the same liberties as men. They never saw how suppressed their fathers kept everyone else.

They want to be their fathers. They want that America, and they feel like they deserve it and that power is somehow owed to them because that’s “how it used to be” and the further we get from that the more powerless they feel. Trump is promising to give them back that power, because Trump is still living that life. Trump said openly “putting a wife to work is a dangerous thing” and has said in interviews about how he hated his wife (at the time, Marla Maples) working and not being home on time to make dinner for him. The way Trump treats women is appealing to these men, they’d also like to have hot pieces of ass to serve and worship them, to be meek and submissive and agree with whatever they say.

Trump’s xenophobia brings us back into a Cold War mentality, where anyone on the outside was a threat. These men grew up in a time when there was always something to be afraid of and someone to blame for their problems. They constantly look for a scapegoat, in Trump’s case Muslim people and Mexicans, instead of taking accountability for their actions and accepting the blame. Which, if you notice, TRUMP DOES ALL THE FUCKING TIME! Nothing is ever his fault, he blames the media for misconstruing his words. He’s is saying that every time he has said something fucked up and people called it out, it’s the media that is fucked up.

So what’s happening now after the police shootings and the murders of two black men by the police, is that the media and political powers behind the media are using this to create a divide. They want on the fence voters to pick a side and quickly. These events will make scared conservative people run to the man who’s promised to make all the bad things (minorities) go away. They want to create a divide so people are easier to manipulate and control, because people are finally figuring out how fucked up our political system is, and they want that power back so they can be back in control of our lives. Let’s not let that happen. There are more people hungry for justice than there are hungry for blood. We are not on the brink of a civil war, we are in the beginning of a new civil rights movement because obviously the first one was not enough.

Old white men will tell us that America is dead. Good, let that America die. That America is full of hate and oppression and I don’t want any part of it. The struggles we’re having now are the labor pains of a new America, where people are free to exist without fear of the government, where people can walk on the streets without fear of being raped or murdered. Where we can trust our lawmakers to make just decisions, not just moves to rile the other side, and we can trust law enforcement to be trustworthy and unbiased citizens. I want to live in that America and it’ll be a hard road to get there, but if we aren’t willing to work for it we don’t deserve it.

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