"God Doesn’t Make Mistakes"

“God doesn’t make mistakes” is the one of the most frequently heard reasons that Christians give for not accepting GLBTAQI people.

Although I’ve written about religion in the past, I’ve tried to stray away from it because it almost always results in hurt feelings and miscommunication.

But this topic is important enough for me to make a clear statement:

I agree.

God does not make mistakes, and we are all placed on this earth with deliberation. And therefore, people who are gay, transgender, intersex, or otherwise non-binary cannot be mistakes. Those who discover their gender later in life cannot be mistakes.

There is historical evidence of GLBTAQI people dating long before Christianity. In fact, outside of the western sphere of influence transgender, non binary, and intersex people have lived without conflict over centuries (for example: MTF priestesses found in Southern Chile and Argentina, the virgins of Klementi in Albania, Hijiras in southern Asia, and the intersexed gods of many African tribes.Source.)

Clearly, this is not a new trend started by Caitlyn Jenner and an army of bleeding-heart liberals, (when actually, Caitlyn Jenner is a Republican who opposes same sex marriage because she’s an asshole.)’

I feel that the religious community was offered two paths: love and acceptance of another, and ignorance and hate. Instead of asking what they could learn from GLBTAQI people, protecting them as vulnerable individuals (as Christ has called us all to do), they have decided to act in the least Christlike way possible. Like, do you really think that if an intersex person approached Christ and asked for love, that Christ would EVER deny that person what he has promised to the rest of humanity. Do you think that Jesus would totally go off message to tell a gay person to go to hell? Nah. Love is always the bottom line here. Love conquers understanding so that even when something is unfathomable to us, our love should always prevail over hate and anger.

Gay, Lesbian, Trans, Asexual, Intersex, nonbinary, bisexual, and people who aren’t sure aren’t challenging God by existing. They can challenge our human perception of what God is and what God wants, but God straight up told us to love each other no matter what. That’s the only thing that matters. Like, it’s a direct order. It’s the one direct order that God has ever given us and for centuries we have really been effing up because it’s far easier to be angry and hateful than to love and seek to understand. But we’re not supposed to take the easy way: “Enter by the narrow gate. For the gate is wide and the way is easy that leads to destruction, and those who enter by it are many. For the gate is narrow and the way is hard that leads to life, and those who find it are few.”- Matthew 7:13-14.

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