I blinked 3 times and now April is almost over. 

Basically since I moved out, I spend a lot of my time just right swipin’. How the fuck is anyone supposed to meet other people now? College was great because you could go anywhere in town and find people your own age who are looking for the same things. Now the only social interaction I have with normal people is when I’m barista-ing. 
And it’s not just dudes, finding anyone to hang out with is really hard and working only makes it worse. It’s just such a bummer and totally discouraging. 
Not that talking to people on Tinder is any better because 80% of the people you see are fucking crazy, 10% are out of my league, and the remaining 10% never message back.
So since I have nothing else to focus on right now, I’ve been investing a lot of time in fine-tuning my digestive tract. It’s not gross- it’s actually very rewarding. It all started with juicing and fermenting my own foods and eating the right foods at the right times and now I can basically set my watch by it.
I’m back into the gym as an enthusiastic participant. I signed up for group training and so far I’m the only one who goes so it’s just me being double teamed by 2 trainers. I only barfed once. I want to get hot again so I can get a sugardaddy to pay off my student loans  or so I have the upper body strength to hoist myself up a stripper pole because those are the only ways that I could ever afford my payments.

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