Dog Park Moms

Gertie and I have been going to the dog park almost every Sunday for the past few months and all it does is reaffirm how terrible of a mother I would be.

First of all, it’s very obvious that Gertie is far less obedient and trained than every other dog there. She barks when she sees other dogs (friendship barks) and she’s a puller and not that great at listening. I’ve tried to be a better dog mom, I’ve tried a lot. But there are a lot of behaviors I just don’t know how to fix so I try and find ways around them.

When Gertie and I are in the park, things go okay. She runs around and I sit down on a bench and take selfies, leaving her basically unsupervised. Sometimes I get up and follow her around as she’s playing and make sure she’s not rolling in poop but mostly I let her do her.

Gertie is definitely a sandbox kid. She likes to run around and play with the other dogs, but more than that she likes to roll around in the snow and mud. I always secretly hope she’ll make friends with the dogs that I think are cool, but she always seeks out the dogs that clearly don’t like her and spends the rest of her time trying to play with those dogs and ignoring the ones that actually want to play with her (she gets that from me.)

Basically every time we’ve gone, she’ll pick another family to hang out with. Like, she attaches herself to their hips and then I get really insecure because she doesn’t want to hang out with me and she wants to leave me and join a new family. She does still check in with me though, which makes me feel a little better.

Obviously some humping does happen, and most of the time she is good at avoiding it (didn’t get from me) and sometimes she lets it happen. I’m always defensive of her when she’s running away from it and I do what I can to get the other dog to back the fuck off, but when she does let it happen I’m shocked, grossed out, but also a little proud. She is spayed so there is nothing to worry about as long as it’s consensual.

I like going to the dog park with little Fartrude. I like watching her socialize and I think it’s cool that she gets along so well with other dogs. I like talking to the other friendly dog owners and seeing all the different types of dogs that play with each other. Dogs are so much better than children: they don’t cry, they’re fairly independent, they are selfless and beautiful animals who just want to love us.

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