New Apartment Life

Tomorrow I will have lived in my new apartment for one week. Until yesterday, I had no internet (Thanks Hanna) so I was spending most of my time napping, sleeping, and resting. I finally put some boxes away during the blizzard on Wednesday and had to dismantle my box-fort. Putting stuff away made me feel a lot better about being in a new place.

My dvd player was packed away in the storage unit by accident, so I’ve mostly been relying on my Wii for something to do. I finally picked up on Twilight Princess again but honestly I can only play for an hour at a time because that game is so GD frustrating and there is no end in sight. I’ve been trying to play for about 3 years but every time I try I get frustrated with something and take a break, and then I get busy and forget about it. Last time I tried was the week before senior year started.

In high school, I begged my mom for a juicer for about 7 months and then I finally got one for Christmas and I juiced 10 oranges and that was it because I was frustrated with the high-volume/low yield nature of juicing. My juicer was packed away with some other old appliances that my mom didn’t want anymore and so I reassembled it and now I can’t stop juicing. Now that I’m an adult with a job and can afford to buy my own fruits and vegetables, juicing is my new life. I can’t do it everyday because it’s still really expensive but I’m going to try and do it 3 days a week to give myself a nutrient boost and try to regulate my digestive system. All I’ve ever wanted was regularity and now it seems so attainable!

I’m saving so much money from not drinking or going out to eat. It’s actually weird to me to have money to spend on things. According to the Mint app, I spent over $600 on restaurants and bars in February. What the fuck was I doing?! Part of that was not having a kitchen to use for 4 months, but most of it was just laziness. Sober life has impacted my social life somewhat negatively also- but that’s probably for the better. I would rather make new friends with similar interests than hang out with the people who only like me when they’re drinking. That being said, I have nothing against alcohol or drinking alcohol. I know that it’s weird to drink around a person who’s trying not to drink, but I don’t want it to be.

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