Things I am Thankful For

There are a lot of things I am thankful for. Here is a list:

-Janay Lebsock
-Rechargeable batteries and high speed internet
-My 3.5 years at UNC and the last .5 at Carl von Ossietzky 
-My global bouquet of friends
-the Nuvaring
-Indoor plumbing 
-Netflix (and chill)
-All of my tinder matches; thanks for considering me a worthy receptacle of your body fluids.
-Trop Bursts, 3 years strong
-Delicious alcohols
-Parents who vaccinate their kids
-The kind people of Starbucks
-The people who don’t shop on Thanksgiving
-The woman on Ellen who couldn’t walk down the stairs in her heels so Ellen had to cancel the 
-Dr. Pepper and bagels
-The people who make me feel better about my life being in shambles
-Little Gertie
-Digestive regularity
-When people from high school steadily get fatter
-That 2015 has made some huge strides for women’s rights
-Bernie Sanders
-The new tires on my car
-Arthur the Aardvark, Artur from Poland
-Being able to drink huge quantities of coffee
-Green smoothies
That’s it. That’s everything.

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