Second Week Back Update

I’m halfway through my second week home in Littleton.

Things are okay, I turned in one of my papers so I only have 2 more to go.

I feel like I’m at a little bit of an impasse when it comes to my job search. First of all, I feel like my degree is not specialized enough to get anywhere within my ideal career. Communication can get you anywhere and that’s the problem. Second, I want to live with Kate forever but I can’t move out of my mom’s house until I have enough money for a new place and I won’t have enough money until I get a job. I don’t want to start a job that I’m going to have to leave in 3 months. So it’s a pickle. I do have an interview for a customer service position in a cupcake store. The customer service position looks suspiciously like a cashier, but at least it would be something to hold me over financially until I figure out my next move. It’s also part time so I could potentially hold another job. I don’t know, I feel so directionless. I know I want to get my Masters but I don’t want to do it right now.

I also took the next step in becoming the traditional dirty feminist. I took myself off birth control. I just got tired of pumping my body full of hormones that I don’t need. I also wrote a whole paper about how patriarchy manipulates women into doing unnatural things to themselves so that they can be used as sex objects and I felt like I needed to start walking the walk. All for sexual liberation and everything, but it’s going to be on my schedule when I want it. It’s time for me to start owning my body and all it’s functions.

Basically being home feels normal. Still not experiencing any reverse culture shock. I don’t miss Germany, I just miss my friends. My favorite thing to do is grocery shopping; King Soopers is about 5x bigger than Rewe and it is wonderful. We have 20 brands of peanut butter, and each brand has at least 2 types. SO MUCH PEANUT BUTTER. It’s all more expensive though, and that’s a bummer. Also Taco Bell has strawberry starburst flavored drinks which are, in a word, life changing.

My cat has become a nice cat. He used to be the biggest asshole ever but now he cuddles and purrs and hangs out outside. It’s cool but I’m worried it’s because he’s going to die soon

I bought a new gameboy dsi and I’ve been playing a lot of my old games. It’s really like going back into my own personal history, Like, all my pokemon are male and have names like “Buttplease” and “Anlsx”. I couldn’t make that shit up if I wanted to. I was 18 when I last played it.

Not really doing a lot with my time yet. I love hanging out with Janay, but it feels like I should be on campus right now and that bums me out.

ALSO I downloaded feminist tinder and it was kind of cool for 5 minutes but somehow the men who use feminist tinder are 300x worse than men who use regular tinder. Maybe I had higher expectations of them and they let me down? Maybe they’re just sad whiny babies? idk.

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