Pros and Cons of Being Home

I got home from Germany on Saturday night around 9pm. My actual homecoming was really, genuinely terrible so I won’t speak about it until after I consult a professional about it. I’m getting used to being home but honestly not that much has changed. Both of my brothers moved out of my mom’s house so I’m finally living out my fantasy of being an only child.

This is my second official day back and my first day with my car back so I spent a lot of my day going to the places I missed the most. Target rocked my world. I spent about an hour in Bath and Body Works just deeply smelling things. I ate Chipotle and Taco Bell because I’ve lost all sense of personal pride.

Anyway, it’s been really crazy the past few days. 3 days ago I was walking up the mountains in Salzburg with Dennis and Fenja and today I ate an entire bag of Cool Ranch Doritos while cuddling with Gertie. It’s very surreal.

As I was driving around today I started counting the pros and cons of being back home.

Unlimited dog access
Driving myself around
Broader choice of tequila
No more 20c calls
Target, Bath and Body Works
Janay Lebsock
Mrs. Lebsock, John
American Radio
American Netflix
Not having to wear shower shoes
Cool Ranch Doritos
Dunkin Donuts
Mike’s Hard Lemonade
King Soopers
Sunny weather
Candy selection
I’m excited to see my America friends

Am unemployed
All my friends are in school or have jobs
There isn’t anything interesting about me anymore
Everything is expensive
Not bike friendly
Feel isolated in Littleton
Still have papers to write
all my stuff is in suitcases
tv does not work
the economy is crashing
the sky is full of smoke
I miss my Europe friends

There’s a lot going on everywhere and I don’t know where I fit into it all yet. Everything is 6 months forward and I haven’t caught up yet. I want to see everyone soon, but I understand that people are busy. I need to get a job as soon as I can but my problem is that I won’t get my diploma until December, despite being finished with all my courses. I also need to get out of my mom’s house as soon as I can.

Today I am going to try and finish/start some papers and tomorrow I’m going to start applying places. I want to go up to Greeley on Thursday for margs and karaoke, so if anyone wants to do that I want to see you.

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