First Days of School

So I’ve completed my first two days of classes. I don’t know how to feel about them all yet, but here’s a rundown of my impressions:

German 201: This class was full of the people I hated from last semester so it was so awkward. It sucks that the German program is so small. It’s hard to have conversations with these people and they’re so uninspiring to me. My professor seems like a cool dude. I mean, he’s an old white guy who lives in Greeley and speaks German. What’s not cool about that?

Small Group Communication: There are a ton of sorority chicks in this class. We did a group activity and I hated it. They already know me as the obnoxious one because I was the only one in class to talk about my summer.

Persuasion: This is an online class, I have no idea what’s going on.

Human Geography: This is an LAC option for most and a requirement for Sec Ed/ History majors and also geography minors. So a lot of freshmen. Today, a kid in the back was wearing a lanyard and he raised his hand to ask if there was free wifi in the room. We also have to use smartphones/tablets in class. I don’t have a smartphone and my tablet is broken. So there’s that.

Professional Speaking: With Palmer, who is maybe one of the creepiest mofos around. We talked about which super power we’d want to have and I said invisibility because then I could steal things, ride on planes, sneak on people and do anything I want and I think my classmates are convinced I’m unstable. There’s a pregnant girl in my class.

Work is already busy. I have a lot more responsibility this year and I am not equipped for it. My old coworker last year didn’t really train me on anything. She showed me what to do one time, but it was last February. I am so lost and so swamped. There’s a hot new professor though.

I haven’t bought any of my books yet since my financial aid still isn’t in and my classes are all already getting into it so I feel like I’m falling behind and I’m anxious. I’ve also lost my favorite water bottle and I also lost the water bottle my roommate gave me after a day. I hate how I can’t keep my shit together.

Altogether I feel very sad.

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