How to Show Someone You Like Them and Want to be Their Friend Without Making it Weird

Have you ever been caught in the delicate position of wanting be someone’s friend so hard but not wanting to freak them out by your enthusiasm. You want to be this person’s best friend without having to wait through the acquaintance phase, the new friend, the casual friend and the close friend  phases because you know you’re just wasting time. You want this person to know that you would be totally okay spending an entire day on their couch in your undies watching Lord of the Rings and telling each other trivia. You want to platonically sleep in the same bed and touch each other’s butts and stuff.

But you know that if you were to show this level of intensity off the bat you would be shut out of the friend circle because of crazy. I have now made a list of ways to get in the bestie zone much faster ways that help you to seem like less of a psycho.

Hate the people and things they hate:  This involves a lot of creepin’ and requires the dropping of eaves. You have to figure out their pet peeves, who they don’t like (and why), the shows they hate, and figure out all their fandoms so that you have ammo up your sleeves that you can whip out when the time is right. You can’t let them know you did your research, but by dropping a sly comment in that shows a mutual perspective you endear yourself to the person.

Don’t like everything they post on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter etc… Instead, only like or respond to posts that you think they had put a lot of thought into, that they are somehow proud of. When you like everything they post, it’s nice and everything BUT if you really want to prove that you are best friend material you are going to want to show that you really value their thoughts, not just the fact that they’re theirs.

Mirror their reactions: Non-verbals always play a huge part in manipulating people. Watch their face as they react to other people and things that happen and do your best to do the same. Also, mirror their body language. This shows that you’re in sync with each other and it’s actually really really important in solidifying those connections that make friendships happen.

Use the “We are the same person” card: I do this all the time; you find three or four things you have in common and find ways to bring them up in a natural conversation and once they’re all out you say something like “I just feel like we are on the same page.” This is a confirming statement, that you feel that you are well-suited to be friends and their response confirms how they feel about you.

The best way to become someone’s best friend is to really just be a good friend, be reliable, share your interests, make plans. You should show them that you want to be their friend because their thoughts and feelings are important to you and that you think they’re cool enough to roll with you.

PS-regardless of who you are I am always down to watch LOTR in my underwear, friendship not required.

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