10 Hottest Presidents

I actually wrote this my sophomore year of high school. You think you change over time but you really just grow from the person you are.

Top Ten Hottest Presidents

10. Franklin Pierce-Observe the strong jaw and firm brow. This man knows what he likes and his hair was fantastic to the extreme. 

9. Rutherford B. Hayes-Wicked facial hair and an attractively prominent nose. When he puts on that civil war uniform, me hearts is like to kersplode. 

8. William McKinley- He’s the kind of man that demands attention when he enters a room. Confidence is hot.

7. Warren G. Harding-His penetrating gaze will peer into your soul and melt your heartstrings.

6. John F. Kennedy-That doll. He just had to be on this list.

5. Theodore Roosevelt- He’s got SPECS-appeal.

4. Bill Clinton-Our children would be pretty AND smart.

3. John Tyler- Grrl, he’s so manly he could wear a neck-bow and make it hot.

2. Abraham Lincoln-BABEraham Lincoln.
1. William Howard Taft- This guy’s got it all. He’s large and in charge.

I was 16 guys, Really.

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