Feminism 101: The Wage Gap

Really quick before we start: I just got out of the shower and I was the only person home and Obie was barking in my room so I went in to check on him and get changed and I walked in and outside of my window there was a man on my roof and I was naked and he saw me naked. I don’t know if he was supposed to be on my roof but he hauled out of there. I freaked out a little bit. I normally don’t mind people seeing me without clothes and I would totally be naked all the time if it weren’t for the law, but I wasn’t expecting it at all.

The Wage Gap: Anyway, equality in the workplace is one of the things you hear the most from feminists today and it’s also super infuriating because it’s been the same for 50 years. June 10 marked the 50th anniversary of the Equal Pay act which was signed in by JFK when women made 59 cents on the dollar to men. Now women make 77 cents, so there’s been an 18 cent change over 50 years. That also means that at this rate, in another 50 years women would still be making under the dollar and isn’t that really fucking ridiculous? And that’s just if you’re a white women. Women of color make less than that and trans* women make hardly anything. That’s even if they get hired too, because there is no federal law that prohibits employment discrimination based on sexual orientation  or gender-identity (talking about that later.)

The wage gap itself roots in the disproportionate representation of men and women in different fields. We know that higher paying positions are usually occupied by men whereas women seem to fill lower paying positions. Here’s is where the butthurt people say things like “Women want to take those positions. Men work harder so they deserve the top spots and if women work harder they can make that much too.” and it goes on and on but you have to know that it’s a lot more complicated than that. And here’s why:

-Remember the glass ceiling? It applies here. When it comes to women trying to move up in the workplace, there are a lot of factors that serve in keeping women down. A main factor is motherhood or even potential motherhood. Many companies assume that if a woman becomes a mother, she will perform less in her job and will be unable to hold a higher position. This assumption is sexist and limits women based on their reproductive ability which is why this sucks. This also forces women to choose whether they want a family or a career, while men are rarely asked to make this choice. It’s also important to know that the US, it’s not required to offer women paid maternity leave, which kind of punishes women for having kids and also works to keep mothers financially dependent on men, or if you’re a single mom you’re just kind of fucked because if you have a baby, it’s like $10,000 for the first year and now you have to choose between staying home and taking are of it or working so that you don’t lose everything. This is a cool graphic showing how much paid leave other countries offer:

You should also  know that the most developed countries also offer paid paternity leave so that dads can stay home with their babies without being punished for it too.
Motherhood discrimination is just super old and outdated and assumes a lot about family life when the idea of a family is way different today than it was 10, 20, 50 years ago. I need feminism because I don’t want to have to make the choice between a family and a career.
Another section of the glass ceiling is the idea that women cannot be leaders. Leadership qualities in men; drive, ambition, assertiveness, are considered unattractive qualities in a woman and could get her labeled as a bitch.
It’s also worth mentioning that young girls are discouraged from looking into careers in math and science early on. If you go down any toy aisle, most of the girl toys are dolls (to inspire a nurturing personality) and cooking things (practice for later) while boys toys are typically about building things, are sports-oriented, or involve some sort of experiment. Kids are socialized by gendered toys and it becomes a trend. Just putting it out there, girls toys are all fucked up. Also, female athletes make so much less than their male counterparts it’s disgusting but you can totally see it coming on how we encourage little boys to be competitive and little girls to be docile and how high school female athletes are basically told to give up after high school because they’d probably never make it professional or anything.
I kind of mentioned that women are usually in lower paying careers. I don’t have the exact statistic, but I can tell you that something like 70% of adult women make-up those who make minimum wage. Women are in low paying careers like teaching, health care and retail and these careers are notoriously difficult to move up in. One thing on the feminist agenda is to increase the minimum wage to $9-11 just so that these women can keep up, taking into mind that in 40% of  American families, the woman is the main source of income. That happens to be the same in my family and we have to sell our house because my mom can’t keep up with the bills on the wages she makes in a career that gives her no opportunity to move ahead. When my dad died, things got super fucked up for her because she was financially dependent her whole life and that’s why we have a fucked up system.
Bottom Bottom Line: Equal pay for equal work. Equal work opportunity. Equal hours. Equal (paid) maternity/ paternity leave. Encourage women to go for higher paying jobs. Equal pay regardless of race or gender.
Also there are more women graduating from college than men and the wage gap is still an issue so…
Also, if you’re that turd who brings up the statistic than when you compare single, childless workers women make 8% more than men, look up the wage differences between actual, average American families.

2 thoughts on “Feminism 101: The Wage Gap

  1. What I would like to know is, why should the federal government mandate businesses which function in America's highly competitive capitalist economy to pay women (or men) wages when they choose to have a baby when this man or woman is no longer lending his or her talents and time to earning the business any revenue at all? Would such legislation not further disincentivize employers from hiring, and subsequently paying equally, women?


  2. I think we have to recognize that 49-52% of pregnancies are unplanned and that not everyone chooses to become pregnant. I think it would be wrong for a company to tell a woman that in order to continue her career she would have to either have an abortion or give the child up for adoption. I know that in Canada, families apply for and receive maternity benefits directly with the government, and their workplaces guarantee them their job when they come back. So it's not like a company is paying them for not being there.


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