This week I’ve found it hard to find the motivation to go to the gym, partly because I’m always tired but a lot of it it that I feel like no matter how often I go it’s not doing anything. I’ve still been going everyday, but I’ve been putting it off to my evenings, which doesn’t work so well for my schedule. Today, I came up with a few phrases to motivate me to go and kick my own ass, which I’ve written out and taped on my laptop, phone and tablet as well as the fridge and my car. They are as listed:

-Stop being a little bitch.

–Stop being a fat whore and just be a whore.

-Next time a frat guy tells you that you’re “pretty, even though you’re fat” you’re going to want to kick his ass.

-When you hit your goal weight, you can buy yourself a chainmail bikini.

– I know you have nothing better to do.

-If you lose enough fat, you will get drunker faster.

-When you start your girl rock band, you are going to want to do a front flip off the stage.

-You can crush the patriarchy between your sculpted thighs.

-If you are approached by a rapist, you will be able to beat him within an inch of his life AND be able to run away far enough to find help.

-When you study abroad, you will defy the stereotype.

-When commercial spaceflights are common, you need to pass the physical tests.

-You must seduce Hot Jeremy from France Russia

-You’re 20 years old, so you only have about 7 good years left. You will be 40 someday.

-You will become an Alpha Female

-You are a bad bitch. You can do it.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again: Self-loathing is the best motivator. I’m going to keep it up because I need to do this for me and I will keep going until I hate myself less.

Also, I did find my games except Pokemon White. Woo hoo. I also deactivated my twitter today because people keep unfollowing me and it makes me mad.

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