Today while greeting people at work, I came up with the term “IKEAwesome” and I used it way too many times. 3. I said it 3 times. Two of the times, the customers asked me if it was a requirement to say that and when I told them I made it up myself they didn’t believe me and the third person just laughed way too hard.

I had an 8.5 hour shift which I’ve done before at other places not in a long time plus I killed it at the gym this morning so I was way tired. There is a constant stream of kids that go in and out of Smaland, so it’s easy to not get attached to any of them (plus I basically hat 98% of them) but sometimes you see a kid who you know if going places. This morning one boy was arguing with some other boys because he wanted to play at the kitchen set and the others said it was a “girl toy” but the boy was like “anyone can play with it if they want to. It’s for boys and girls” and he played with it without them and I was like “right on” until he started screaming and running around so I sent him to timeout.

The other part of my job is to stand at the front and welcome people and help them find where they want to go. Mostly I just stood there while teenage boys tried to stare at my boobs without their moms noticing. There were two old guys who were really nice and were joking around with me. They said they’d marry me if I made good chocolate chip cookies and when I said I couldn’t they both told me how disappointed they were.

Today mostly sucked because I had planned to eat in the staff cafeteria, but it turns out it closes at 4 and I was like “okay, I will eat in the restaurant” but the restaurant was closed for Smorgasbord. So I super hungry  by the end that I got cranky. I also had 4 people ask me if I was Swedish. No? What?

So that was basically my day. I have been feeling sorry for myself and getting borderline depressed (which I’m assuming if from a lack of sleep) so I’ve been up and down a lot in the past few days and I think that working is getting me on the right track. I’m still looking for a second job so if anyone knows of anything shoot me a message.

Still watching LOST.

Also, smiling for a long time hurts my mouth so that sucks with my job. But a cool part is there is always a movie going so it’s nice to concentrate on something else.

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