The "Friendzone"

I have a lot of opinions. One of these is about the “Friendzone.”

I usually only hear about the friendzone from guys who are butthurt about being denied romantic or sexual attention from a woman. They usually talk about how they are always there for her, they are her shoulder to cry on, they hang out all the time, basically how they go “above and beyond” for this girl only to have her keep their relationship on a friend level. And it’s always a complaint, because usually this guy has some romantic or sexual feelings towards this woman.

This is total bulshit folks.

Under all this lies the idea that if you are a good, decent person to a women, she somehow owes you pussy. It says that you think you should be rewarded with sexual favors for being a woman’s friend and it also implies that you are in this woman’s life for no other reason than to get in her pants.

When you complain that a girl is heartless for not elevating you to a partner status, you villainize her for doing what she has every fucking right to do and you are not being a friend. As a friend, you should not expect your female friend to one day do things to your penis. When you are there for her and are her crying shoulder and go above and beyond and all that shit, is it because you are her friend or is it because you hope to be rewarded for it? Because if you are truly her friend, you wouldn’t expect anything for these actions because that’s what fucking friendship is.

If you are a woman’s friend, she should be able to trust you when she is vulnerable and never have to feel obligated to give you anything in return. If she is your friend, you can fully expect the same of her. But you can’t expect anything of her than you would of your other friends.

Bottom line: You can’t blame a woman for not being attracted to you. You can’t villainize her for not wanting to sleep with you. If you complain about being “friendzoned” by a woman, you should re-analyze your friendship with her and if your main motive in being her friend is to get at her pussy then you’re probably not the friend you think you are. If you’re a friend, be a friend and let her make her own choices and never make her feel guilty about them.

Also, I found a whole slew of memes just now! How fortunate for me!

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