36 Reasons to Date Me

1. People will think you are super deep and un-shallow for dating me.

2. I’m funny kind of!

3. I can say really witty things and people will think we’re both witty.

4. I can sing songs!

5. I know how to cook things!

6. I am really good at board games.

7. I can take really good pictures.

8. I like to go on adventures and stay home. You can take me anywhere!

9. I am cultured and well-read.

10. I have a dog that you can hang out with all the time.

11. I live by myself!

12. I like to play some video games.

13. I am self-sufficient and low maintenance.

14. I basically like anyone who calls me pretty.

15. I’m a Scorpio.

16. I eat a lot of altoids so my breath is always fresh.

17. I’m pretty good at body language interpretation.

18. I know how to find books in the library.

19. I can talk to anyone!

20. I take regular showers and smell okay.

21. I can free style rap.

22. I’m a really good liar.

23. I can write haikus.

24. I know every country in the world and almost every capital.

25. I can speak German sexily.

26. I know how to sew and clean!

27. I am smart!

28. I blog, how hot is that?

29. I know how to play 4 instruments.

30. I can ballroom dance (kind of)

31. I like to write letters.

32. If someone dates me I will be less difficult to be around.

33. You get to go places with me and I’ll tour guide for you!

34. I understand most fandoms.

35. I watch Doctor Who!

36. I sleep naked.

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