How to Ask Someone to Formal

This is a question I was recently asked, so I decided to post the many ways in which a someone might ask another person. I’m trying to go out of the box for these so bear with me.

– Engage them in a game of RPS and hide a note in your hand, then play Rock and make it work.

– Give them a bike wheel and a sign saying “Wheel you go to Formal with me?”

-Just cry until they guess what you want.

– Show off your ankles in a public place and use your fan in a “come hither” fashion. When they approach, ask your Chaperone to request an audience with him on your behalf, then have your father invite him for a formal dinner and afterwards offer him your handkerchief. If he accepts it, you’re in.

-Fly them to Venice and pay a gondolier to serenade him.

-Ask their parents to pressure him into it.

-Ask them in a language they can recognize but not understand. About 95% of the time, they will either nod or say yes without realizing it and then you lock them in.

-Usually, if you ask them in front of a big crowd of people they will say yes out of pressure.

-Make a fort out of cans and invite them in. Then say “CAN you go to formal with me?”

-Slap their butt and wink.

I would say that I’m coming back and adding some in later, but let’s be real: I always say that and I never do.


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