College Checklist

-Go to a toga party

-Get a tattoo

-Learn to dance

-Have an enjoyable time at Whiskey River

Be in a successful relationship

– Sing on a stage

-Declare a major (officially)

-Have a dinner party

-See  an A Cappella group

-Go to a concert

-Train my dog

-Have a massive sleepover

-Go to a haunted corn maze

-Make a music video

-Win an award

-Join a club

-Go to a GDI party

-Study abroad

– Make a movie

– Donate blood

-Get someone to throw me a surprise party

-Go to Disneyland or World

-Go on a romantic walk

-Spend spring break somewhere else

-Get to know and appreciate Greeley

Accumulate many friends from many places

-Keep it classy

-Attend sport and other campus events

-Make a good friend in every sorority and fraternity

-Learn to text like a normal person instead of just when I want something

-Go laser tagging

-Re-start the bookclub

-Maintain a decent GPA

-Live in the moment

-Make really good Halloween costumes

-Be influential

-Enter into a new fandom

-Learn another language

-Date a theater kid

-Reach my goal weight!

-Explore personal growth

-Have a deep conversation with others while lying on my back in the grass

-Keep up with this blog

-Learn to play banjo

-create a (good) reputation

-Read a Shakespearean play aloud with others

-Have a picnic

-enjoy clubbing

-Become passionate about something

One thought on “College Checklist

  1. Keep up with this blog – YES, please.

    I want to hear you play the banjo.

    Successful relationship – one that never ends? 😉

    Massive sleepover…my first thought was a bit inappropriate, my apologies.

    This list is fabulous! (like you!)


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