Making Friends in the IRS Office

Today I got to visit the IRS office in Denver to take care of some financial aid stuff for school. My first impressions were that the people were way nicer than the people at the DMV. I was also looking around at the other people waiting to be called and I took a note about how government buildings are the great equalizers. Everyone has to drop in at one point or another unless they are able to send a servant or something. This is the same with Starbucks.

I am wearing my Kingdom Hearts shirt. Whenever I wear a shirt that represents one of my fandoms I always  look to see people’s reactions and if they understand, I know I’ve found a kindred spirit. Or people just shy away from me like normal. I sit next to a woman who is reading a book very aggressively. My mom and I are really enthusiastic when the numbers are called and although we’re in for a two hour wait, it was worth it to stare down the countdown screen. As numbers were called I would give thumbs up to the people who got to go. I always think these things are going to be charming and friendly when I do them but they always end up seeming creepy. When I finally got to go in, I think I intimidated the guy behind the counter and it seemed like he just wanted me out of his office as soon as possible.


This Saturday my street for the house I’m going to live in is going to have a block party and I’m so jazzed. It’ll  probably be the only party I go to this year, but it’s also going to be the best because there’s going to be a facepainter. But it might be the worst because there will also be a clown named Pie. If the facepainter and the clown are one in the same, I will bawl my freaking eyes out.

TMI moment of the day- I didn’t want to take a shower today because I bought a new dry shampoo and wanted to see how it worked. I ended up taking a shower anyway, but I know I’ll spend the rest of my life wondering what life would be like if I had taken the other path.

There should be a word for when you’re doing something creepy (facebook creepin’, following people, looking for pictures of butts, practicing flirting with yourself in the mirror, etc..) and you suddenly become self-aware and feel the shame. It happens to me all the time and I feel like the feeling needs an identifier.

Oh Pancake…

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