Anne of Green Gables

My sister finally came home from Europe today! And I got a Dr. Who poster from France!

This is just my day. I also got to cantor in mass, which is my favorite thing to do because I think I always sound best when I’m praising God. That also got me thinking that it could be my calling, and that I should be a Christian music artist but then I realized I would have to try and I hate trying. So it’s probably not going to happen.

I am watching Anne of Green Gables ( the old PBS show) with my brother and sister right now. My family has a long history with this show. Whenever it was on TV growing up (usually on Sunday mornings) my Dad and I would sit around and watch it ALL DAY. And we’d sit through the little interludes where the PBS people try to make you donate money by guilting you and then enticing you with presents. Every one in my fam is almost always down for an Anne marathon except my mom who hates her. So we try to include as many Anne references in our daily lives to piss her off. Maureen, Eacheann and I will take a quote and run it into the ground in as many voices as we can, trying to top each other on who can be the creepiest. I have a long-standing crush on Gilbert Blythe (proven here) and then we all try to be as dramatic as Anne. We also always try to watch Anne of Avonlea but it’s always really disappointing.

More reasons I love my family. You haven’t experienced life until you’ve watched AoGG with us.

Also, if you’re a frequent reader give me a shout out in the comments, in person or on facebook. I want to know who’s actually reading this shit.

Also, THE OLYMPIC BUTTS ( I don’t own any of these pictures, as much as I may wish )

All the Gymnastic Butts today were especially glorious.

Also, it’s pretty hard to find pictures of Olympic Butts.

Lord knows I’ll keep trying.

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