Soup of the Day

I hate the UNC’s financial aid office. If they aren’t losing my important documents, they’ve screwed up my IRS Tax retrieval things and leaving me in a place of uncertainty for months. Now I have 5 days to fix everything (minus the weekend) and I’m going up to Greeley tomorrow. Fuck me.

But I also made vegetable soup today and that made me feel better because it does not matter what the weather is, I will always always love soup.

In addition to the financial aid thing, there is no Sweet Genius on tonight. And also no one is talking to me. Today is just a good day to feel sorry for myself.

On the other side, I’m wondering if my heart is in love. On the other side, probably not.

Some guy on Tumblr asked to see my hairy legs. I’m surprised at how flattered I was.

Last night we all (my little brother, Mom and I) went to my Grandmother’s house for her 81st birthday. Since I haven’t seen her in a long time it was really nice to catch up. She called Obama Roosevelt once, but she’s 81. It’s okay. I also learned how often my Grandma is asked out by old guys. And I got pretty jealous.

I’m having another problem on facebook where people I don’t care about are happy and can’t stop talking about it and I’m like “fuck you.” If you’re reading this blog, it’s probably not you.

I don’t even know if I want friends anymore, it seems like a lot of responsibility.

And  I only want to listen to 80’s music and watch movies with no romantic plot at all.


One thought on “Soup of the Day

  1. The hairy legs picture would totally creep me out…not the picture but the fact that someone asked to see it!
    I get everyone being happy…I have those days where I want to tell the happy people to take a long walk off a short pier!
    Your blogs crack me up!


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