Blogging in Starbucks

I twirl the fringe of my grey, organic hemp scarf and straighten my horn-rimmed glasses as I write this from the Starbucks in Greeley. Today I am up here to help my landlords move in my new stove and to see friends. However, there’s pretty much no one here. So I went to Starbucks to talk to the internet people. I love and hate Greeley. When I drove into city limits, I felt (and smelled) the familiar atmosphere but I was surprised at how cheerful driving on campus made me feel. I crept past my old dorm and stopped by the Alpha Sig house and talked to Emilie, who was the only person there. It’s frickin’ hot. And there’s lots of angry bugs.
I’m also apparently missing a thunderstorm. That sucks!

Right now I’m waiting for my house people to call me so I can go over and help, but I don’t want to end up hanging out with them for very long. I went to King Soopers and got a  drink for when I drive home and I almost stopped into Ace Hardware just to be a shit (BTB-HGC SHOUTOUT)

Also something funny happened in the car. I was on I-25 and the song “Homesick” by MercyMe came on. I was going to skip it but then I didn’t and I started crying like a crazy. I was trying to sing along but I ended up making a ton of gagging noises. I had to laugh at myself.

Here’s a haiku-

Starbucks in Greeley
Laptop and Frappucino
Am I a hipster?


Peace out.

Reason #893 I’m going to be a Spinster: I give private sob concerts while driving to Greeley.

Also, I thought about live tweeting the drive but it would look something like this:

Look, flat land!

There’s a cow laying down and another cow standing up.

New Crop: Pinto Beans #classic

Stupid hicks.

I wish my car was more intimidating #soweak

No smell? Must be a tour day.

Look, another cow.

Oh wait, there’s the smell.

One thought on “Blogging in Starbucks

  1. Your live tweets crack me up.
    Also…Homesick makes me cry almost every time…which is why I skip it. A LOT. I totally cry and try to sing along like I'm not crying and end up sounding like a dying cat. Its awesome.


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