Sweet Genius

This is one of my favorite shows. I fuckin’ love Ron Ben Israel because he is a crazy mofo and I hate 75% of the contestants on the show. If you don’t know what the show is, it’s a game show with 4 contestants that are eliminated in three rounds with the winner getting a cash prize and a place in Chef Ron’s “world of desserts.” In the three rounds, the contestants have to make a dessert with chocolate, a candy and a cake that follow RBI’s “inspiration”- usually something odd and out-of-the-box, and two surprise ingredients that have to be incorporated in the dish. The secret ingredients are usually pretty crazy too.

For today’s first round was a chocolate. The inspiration was a ballerina and the ingredients were Fortune cookies and bleu cheese. I would have made a pie crust from the fortune cookies because they are so crunchy, and then make a chocolate pie filling with a sweet bleu cheese swirl. Then I would use a white chocolate ganache with pink decorating sugar and luster dust to make it like a ballerina’s skirt.

The second round was a candy Jack in the Box with Kaffir Lime and artichokes. I would have made a Lemon-Lime nougat with artichoke, since artichokes and lemon go so well together and the lime would add an extra kick. To follow the inspiration, I would make a blue and red double helix out of pulled sugar to mimic the movement and energy of a Jack in the Box.

The cake round’s inspiration was bubbles and the two ingredients were pretzels and orange soda. I would boil the orange soda into a syrup and incorporate it into a white chocolate ganache, with which I would cover white sponge cake balls- bubbles. I would then use the pretzels to make a salty chocolate cake, with chocolate frosting and pretzel bits. I would put my cake bubbles onto the salty cake, making it sweet and salty and allowing the orange in the bubbles to compliment the chocolate frosting. BAM.

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