Moonrise Kingdom

I saw Moonrise Kingdom tonight with some friends and I must say that it was delightful. It was like eating cherries out of a cherry shaped bowl.

I spent a large part of my day waiting for Jeopardy to start but today’s game wasn’t as thrilling as expected. I miss Blythe. That woman was a peach.

I am currently looking for people to help me move, but the problem is I only want hot guys who like flirting with me. And they’re really hard to find! There should be a business  for men who just want to flirt with moderately attractive women while doing work for them.

I’ve been trying to blog more and facebook less, but for that to work I need to have the people who like my stuff on facebook follow me here. If you found this from facebook, bully for you! Wonderful! But I need more. Otherwise I’ll keep destroying people’s feeds with borderline inappropriate memes.

Anyways, sleep.

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