I love Gordon Ramsey

I’ve been watching Kitchen Nightmares and although Gordon Ramsey has made his career on being a big dick about food, he really makes people change. He’s not just flipping restaurants from crappy to good, he changes the Chefs and the staff so that they take pride in their work and he shows them how to be successful while giving them the tools to make it. Also, he used the expression “happier than a pig in shit”

You know who else I love? The camera guys who just won’t quit. It happens on a lot of reality shows when the people are trying their hardest to get away from the camera and legitimately hiding from it and the camera person just gets right up there by the door. Perseverance

I love carbs. I love Rick Steves. I love complaining. I love the BBC. I love garlic bread.

Also, for dinner the other day I stuffed a french loaf with caesar salad and I cried. 

I see myself going down several career paths. I would be most happy as a performer, because I enjoy addressing crowds of people. I also enjoy baking and decorating. I like writing. I also enjoy doing nothing and pissing my time away. I guess it all depends on where I am in the future. 

One of my biggest dirty pleasures (at first I was going to say dirtiest pleasure, but that’s completely different) is creating secret facebook groups for me and a few other people. It’s all fun at first, but pretty soon the intrigue wears out and I just end up either deleting the group or letting it sit and fizzle out.

In other news, mine heart is cleft in twain in so many ways I don’t know what’s what. And that sucks.

Do you ever feel like you set yourself up for situations just so you get to feel like you’re a real person again?  I think that happens for internet people like myself.

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