Baking My Feelings

Although I’m a fan of the things I make, I never bake for myself. I pretty much only make stuff when I can give it away to other people in exchange for praise and compliments. I’m not ashamed of my need for approval. So tonight I made brownies and topped them with cream cheese frosting, thinking that I could take them to work tomorrow. But I don’t work tomorrow. And now I’m stuck with a tray full of wonderbrownies and I CAN’T DO A DAMN THING ABOUT IT.

In other news, I’m pretty sure I’m going to be a saint. My skin sparkles while I’m in church. It’s rad. I went to choir practice for the first time all summer, but none of the people I wanted to show up were there. My life is so hard sometimes.

I feel like Bridget Jones when I’m writing these and I gotta say it’s nice. Bridget is my girl. I think we have the same life, or at least I have her life in the first 20 minutes of the movie. I too, suffer from verbal incontinence. Speaking of incontinence, this was from my hall director earlier this year:

I’ve always wanted to share that but never had the audience.

I’m ready to start filming 10 Steps.

Also, I changed all the alert sounds on my phone to Star Trek Enterprise noises.

Reason #23 I am going to be a spinster: I put Star Trek noises on my phone.

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